Guess Who Got Featured in FORBES?

Guess Who Got Featured in FORBES?

Black Sands Entertainment was just featured in Forbes and we can't wait for you to read all about it! Here's a brief snippet from the main article below:

Manuel and Geiszel Godoy


"When Manuel and Geiszel Godoy got married 14 years ago and had kids, they started paying to attention to a jarring phenomenon: They couldn’t find any comic books for their children with characters who looked like them.

But Manuel and Geiszel decided not to simply accept the situation. Instead, seven years ago, they formed Black Sands Entertainment, a Delaware-based company that produces comic books and graphic novels for young readers in the Black community. They feature Black characters, telling stories of ancient Africa. “I didn’t want to constantly see only Hollywood versions of the ancient cultures of Africa,” says Manuel.

Now, with $3 million in revenue, the company is focused on a strategy to boost growth, primarily through sales to schools."

And we are JUST getting started!

On April 1st, we launch our first investment round for 2023. Patreons and past investors are the only ones who will receive early access when our round opens, and the first people who invest before we hit $500,000 will receive a 10% bonus in shares!

If you haven't invested with us before, it's not too late! You can join our Patreon community and still secure early access before April 1st, so don't be a fool and GO, GO, GO!

In the meantime, we want to hear from YOU. What are you looking forward to as we build the Black Sands Universe? Drop your comments below!