Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping

Hello All,

Here are some important update regarding shipping.

For Shirts, Canvas, and Prints, delivery is only guaranteed for Christmas before December 6th for US purchases.

These are all print on demand services and it take a few days to handle each order. If you care about getting these, it's best you order asap.

For all our books, delivery will be fine up to Dec 20th. We handle this directly and will make sure everyone receives their stuff.

International cut off for books is December 11th.

I want to be clear here. These are deadlines for Christmas but if you are dead set on getting our awesome prints and shirts, order anyway. I would rather have a delayed epic gift than something less memorable.

I will be doing some videos people can use to explain a delayed gift. Having that message come from the creator is always better than the gift buyer.


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Leo Sullivan on

Hello! We have mutual interest regarding the
black family and youth. Ck out
Interested in what you are doing. Our focus
Is different, But we’re on the same journey.
Let’s talk!

Leo Sullivan 323-491-8466

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