Writing Recruitment



The Business

Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms, is the most popular indie black comic series in the nation and with that popularity comes influence. Rather than seeking a Disney deal, they decided to use their influence to help other creators reach their massive audience. That is what BSP is. It is the bridge between the readers and creators in the black and brown community.

Black Sands Entertainment is the no.1 black publishing house in the nation

According to the numbers, we lead the way.


  • 60,000 books sold
  • 1500+ investors from the black and brown community
  • 800+ patrons subscribers
  • Hundreds of five star reviews on Facebook
  • Hundreds of thousands of followers


The Job

We want established comic writers to write the next wave of historical fiction comics for Black Sands Entertainment. We will allow the writer to choose a historical setting for their story and with minimal over site, create their story for production. The story must be prior to slavery and be based on African, Hispanic, or Indigenous history.


Examples of Historical Fictions:


  • Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Assassin's Creed, Freedom Cry

"The mythical Disney deal has crippled black content creators and it is time to take that power back."

- Manuel Godoy

The Benefits

Black Sands commits the following to qualified writers.


  • Fully fund production, printing, and distribution.
  • 20% of the license is retained by the writer.
  • Access to a large pool of customers.

We will own the property copyrights but you will always profit from whatever happens to the IP. This is a traditional publishing deal.


Email Manuel@blacksandsstudios.com with your portfolio and previous titles published