Black Sands Entertainment, the most popular black indie comic publisher in the nation, is taking investors. After 2 and a half years of amazing growth, the company is finally allowing fans to own a piece of their company again. If this is something you are interested in, sign up today! Spots are extremely limited and we may not have another investment round again. Fill out the form at the end of the page and join the Patreon community for early access.


Our Next Investment Round


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$2.7 M

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Hear From Our Patrons:

"The CEO has awesome energy, passion, and domain expertise in the space! This is an untapped market opportunity and the company is growing quickly. I believe there is great potential to diversify revenue streams beyond the already profitable comic book line. Digital is the wave of the future and this company is positioned well to capitalize on this trend."

Fares Ksebati

CEO of MySwimPro


Our Success Over the Years

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

Manuel Godoy started the idea of Black Sands when he tried to develop the first game, Black Sands, Trials of the Rift. He successfully did a gofundme to help create the project but after $20,000, he realized he just didn’t have the following to fund the production. He pivoted the idea from video games to comics and created Kids 2 Kings, chapter 1.

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

Manuel Godoy launched a kickstarter for Kids 2 Kings and raised $20,000, vastly exceeding expectations. His brand was quickly becoming a very popular movement on social media, garnering tens of thousands of fans on facebook and Instagram. By the Christmas Season, Manuel finally launched the physical products of the brand and renamed the series Black Sands. That Christmas, they did $45,000 in sales.

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

Geiszel Godoy began creating her own children titles and helping with the corporatization of the brand. In 2018, Manuel and Geiszel went to 20 different comic conventions nation-wide. The company had an explosion of growth, gaining massive following in Facebook and Instagram. This was the first year the company did over 200,000 in sales, as well as a large Patreon community.

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

The company took a break from expansion to prepare for their first investment round. At the time, they were still touring aggressively but had to prepare for the biggest moment of their lives. Their first DVD was created this year and they started expanding their catalog to include books outside of Black Sands.

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

We began doing regulation CF rounds for our company, generating 1 million in capital for Black Sands and also expanding our online distribution. We hit a record $600,000 in this that year and also grew our patreon community to over $10,000 a month, claiming a spot in the top 1% of all patreon communities in the world.

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

We built the BSP App, an amazing platform for indie comic from the black community. While doing this monumental thing, we also grew exponentially, hitting a whopping 1.1 million dollars in sales and signing dozens of creators for new titles under the brand.

Picture of Black Sands on Shark Tank

We hit 3 million in lifetime sales and appeared on Shark Tank where we got an amazing offer from Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban! The press finally starting recognizing our company and new titles were coming out every month. We ended up creating a core of about 10 amazing comic series and well over 60 chapters.

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The investment round begins on May 7th but you can get early access if you are a patreon member. After signing up, subscribe at to get access today!


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