About the Creators

Geiszel Godoy is the author of Mori's Family Adventures. She holds a Masters in Business Management and a Bachelor in Fashion Design. Geiszel and her husband are both military veterans and have two lovely children together. 

The book "Mori's Family Adventures" is her idea of sharing her families life with other families of color to inspire international travel and traditional family values. She is currently working on Book two of the series and making a coloring book.


Manuel Godoy is the writer of Kids 2 Kings and Sons of Nibiru. He created Black Sands Entertainment in 2016 to launch his multiple series and has had massive success so far. Poised for exponential growth, he has recruited more artists to push more content out faster and is currently working on Book 2 of Sons of Nibiru, issue 3 of Kids 2 Kings, and the first manga adaptation of Sons of Nibiru.


Black Sands Entertainment was founded in 2016. At first, it was just a legal entity to launch Kids 2 Kings but with the independent success of their titles, Black Sands Entertainment is transitioning into a publishing company. Sales during their first month in E commerce has blown away expectations and now the company is rapidly expanding to meet demand.

Black Sands Entertainment currently holds:

Kids 2 Kings - Comic Book series - anime adaptation

Sons of Nibiru - Novella series

Mori's Family Adventures - Children's Book Series

Black Sands is currently looking for more capital investment to meet the new demands and potentially make an animated pilot for Kids 2 Kings. They also are actively seeking an agent/manager capable of getting through the red tape in the movie/tv industry.


Manuel Godoy - President/Author
contact: mgodoy@blacksandsentertainment.com

Geiszel Godoy - Secretary/Author
contact: geiszel@blacksandsentertainment.com