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Manuel Godoy – President

Manuel Godoy

Founder of Black Sands Entertainment, Manuel Godoy has dedicated years into the writing of what he considers a masterwork mythology of the ancient world. He is the writer, programmer, and art director of Black Sands. He also designed the website and likes to interact with people who share his vision and even those that criticize it.

Geiszel Godoy – PR Manager

Geiszel GodoyGeizel has a BA in fashion design and Business Management. She handles media outreach sa well as local outreach in NYC. Her skills in networking is invaluable to the company.

David Lenormand – Lead Artist

David LenormandDavid Lenormand is a concept artist and illustrator working in the entertainment industry, he studied art and design at the National Art School in Cherbourg, France. In 2006, he relocated to Shanghai, China, where he worked as a freelance illustrator for advertisement and branding companies. In 2009, he published 2 comic books in France and started to colaborate with various animation studios as an art director and script writer.

Matthias Verbinnen  – Music Composer

Matthias VerbinnenMatthias aka Mattashi is our music composer and has been doing it for years. He is a hobbyist composer but you would not know it from the quality of his work. You’re probably bobbing your head right now to “Lost in the Sands” playing on the loop. He is a very nice man who allowed us to use his music when our budget could not afford it. We all support Mattashi and you should as well.