Who are we?

Black Sands Entertainment was founded by Manuel Godoy in April of 2016. The company was formed to create the title series Black Sands and was formed as a sole proprietorship. The company is located in Queens, NY. They now have formed a corporation titled Black Sands Entertainment Inc. 

What do we do?

We bring to people rich and thoroughly researched fantasy stories about the ancient world.

What’s our current project?

We have finished issue 1 of Kids 2 Kings and are now implementing it into Madefire for our first publishing.

Contact Information

  • Manuel Godoy – CEO/Content Creator – [email protected]
  • Geiszel Godoy – PR Contact
  • David Lenormond  – Lead Artist
  • Mattashi – Music Composer
  • Marion N. Toro – Voice Actress
  • Callum Janes – Voice Actor
  • Kamikaze Revy – Sound Designer
  • Guy Ewing – Madefire Builder

Social Media

Facebook – You can find information about the development of black sands and related articles.

Twitter – Game updates from the developers