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What is Kids 2 Kings?

Four royal children with superpowers go off on an adventure to prove their ability to rule as kings while undermining the secret plans of the great and powerful Sumerian god Marduk!

Target Audience: Ancient Alien fans, Ancient Mythology/Culture fans, and Chuuni anime/manga fans.

Story Synopsis

The story takes place in the ancient middle east in a mythological setting. The main characters of the show are Ausar, Seth, Auset, and Nehbet. In the story, they are around 10 years old and hungry to become great legends like their parents.

In the first season (12 issues), Our young heroes learn to use their abilities to tackle the ever-growing crisis happening around them. At first, we see the immaturity of the kids but as the story progress, we see them wise up to the world as many terrible things start to happen like full-fledged invasions from neighboring nations, ancient gods awakening, and a secret society working for an unknown nation hell bent on changing this world.

The journey includes the capital city Kerma of the Kushite Empire, the capital city Memphis of the Kemetic Empire, the world famous port of Akrotiri, Minoa, the Caverns of a  Fallen Titan, and the terraformed peaks of the Greek highlands.